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How to do OEM scooter?

Send us the drawing or draft, our Engineer will make the 3D drawing with Soliwork  software and have a meeting to analyze the strength and  production possibility.

Make the sample after confirmed with customer about the drawing, the deck need to be opened extrusion mold first, other parts can do sample by CNC or by hand.

How to ensure the customer design exclusive?

Signed NDA first, NOT show the customer’s design in the website and sample room, take more attention to the design were leaked during the period for trial making of samples and mass production.

How to guarantee the quality?

We have QC in each processing line and inspect each scooter in assembling line.

For each batch order, our QA will take a few scooters to do fork, handlebar, wheel, deck strength testing before mass production assembling.

And we have foreign riders to ride it with doing high tricks to test the scooters.

How to guarantee the welding?

We use rich experienced workers who are from bicycle factory and have more then ten years of experience in welding.

Meanwhile, our QC inspect each welding product.

How to guarantee the deck not transformed?

After T4, our QC will correct each deck by mold, then do the T6 heat treatment.

How to guarantee the wheels?

We random test the wheel with testing machine in product line, meanwhile, we have our rider to assemble it one the scooter to do high jump tricks.

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